The project made/in was founded in 2020 to contribute to the ongoing conversation around the role and future of textile handcrafts in the contemporary fashion world. The aim of this website is to create a dynamic platform for artistic exchange, innovation and education based on the following Founding Objectives:

• Celebrate and preserve the beauty and relevance of textile handcrafts as our shared human heritage.

• Raise awareness for the skill and complexity involved in textile handcrafts and the creative competence of artisans.

• Find out how the essence of a traditional craft can be integrated with technological innovation to create products which are appealing and relevant for a contemporary aesthetic.

• Inspire fashion designers to use textile handcrafts in their collections.

• Empower customers to increase their knowledge and to value the handmade and tactile in a fast paced and increasingly digital society.

• Revive and preserve ecologically sensitive, endangered crafts.

• Focus on the importance of excellence in the growing conversation around the preservation of textile handcrafts and the promotion of sustainable design.